April 19, 2016

What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

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What is matcha green tea powder?
Many people who are not conversant with matcha green tea powder usually mistake it with other types of ordinary green tea.


Matcha usually means powdered tea and has a big difference from the ordinary traditional tea. When consuming the traditional green tea you usually have to stir leaves in hot water then sieve them out, but when it comes to matcha tea, the leaves are not sieved out as there no leaves as such.


The process of growing matcha involves covering the finest tea bushes with a cloth to make a shade for a couple of weeks before harvesting. The shade make green colour of the tea leaves to darken as a result of the increased chlorophyll. Harvesting is then done by hand to ensure that only the best tea leaves are picked. The leaves are then ground into fine powder which has a deep flavour.
It has health benefits
Matcha green tea powder has been discovered to have numerous benefits to its consumer which include being a great source of nutrients. Matcha also contains polyphenols which a great antioxidants which plays a vital role in fighting against dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Matcha is also great in lowering cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, regulating blood sugar and reducing the aging process. EGCG component is also useful in boosting metabolism thus the body is able to burn extra calories which result in weight loss.
Used in meditation
Matcha is highly valued in Japan since it is used in traditional Japanese ceremonies. Matcha has also been associated with Zen, which is a Japanese form of meditation. The preparation and consumption of matcha helps an individual to calm down and concentrate which are vital factors in meditation. Meditation usually have loads of health benefits which includes reducing stress level, ability to control pain, regulating blood pressure, boosting self-esteem and confidence.
It contains caffeine
Just like any other tea matcha also has caffeine, but the caffeine levels in matcha tea are usually about 3 times more than in the ordinary tea since you have to consume the whole tea leaves. It said that the L-Theanine in matcha makes the effect of matcha tea better than the effect caffeine in coffee since it makes an individual relax without drowsiness.
It can be used in meals
Matcha has diverse uses which do not only include in beverages but also as a great ingredient in all kinds of savory as well as sweet dishes. The number of recipes that compose matcha are unlimited including puddings, soups, muffins, brownies and stir frys among other kinds of dishes.
Matcha can be sweetened or flavoured
Matcha usually has a strong taste. Due to this reason some individuals usually add sweeteners such as sugar to dilute the strong taste. In fact, there are individuals who go an extra mile of adding other components such as milk depending on individuals taste.


Just like any other product the quality of commodity comes at a price thus, high-quality matcha is expensive. If you find a cheap price tag that is a red flag that the matcha could be of low quality.

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